Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best Of 2012.....Bren't Lewiis Ensemble's 'Refreshing Hemorrage' 7" EP!

It seems to me that the artists've BUFMS wreak havoc in a (more or less) insular universe.Or is it possible that as a citizen of the world & one what trods heavy upon it, maybe I just ain't bringin my A game? Haha, right! I do crack myself up sometimes. Now this ain't to say that BUFMS is some Shangri-La. Nor is it a musical Yoknapatawpha County or Biosphere 2. Okay, maybe it's kinda like Biosphere 2, I mean, I've done some diggin around & can't find no accurate data about who funds these releases. Smells like the Bass family to this old nose. Be that as it may, if Ed Bass (or whoever) wants to plunk down coin to see these records come to pass, more power to him/them. And if they want to raise goats 'n hens alongside, shit, sounds good to me, let's eat. Call Alice Waters! Maybe she can bring some frisee what was growed in the placenta of a miracle baby. She does go on, that woman. Speakin of chickens, this Bren't Lewiis Ensemble ep's got a set've sunnyside eggs fryin up on the cover. An there's some slit in the whites, so's maybe it's makin a face. Sort've reminiscent of the background from the jacket've Ono's 'Machine's That Kill People'. Which makes sense as there's a cover of 'O Jackie O' on this dinger. As well as a spot on take've 'People' by Gods Gift. Now some like to prattle on about how cover songs is like leftovers. Could be, I knows I ain't one much for'em most times. (Covers that is. My leftovers will smack down your rightovers any day!). But like the Pablums or the Residents or Half Japanese (alls of whom share space w/BLE in this formidable wheelhouse) this bunch ain't chawin out straight up fan belts. They've intellectually consumed these tracks so many times-like a giant platter've cured offal 'n pickled crudite-that what they's has executed is supercharged new spins on them old classics. Like imagine the Mapo Tofu at Mission Chinese, replete w/kazoo's, tapes 'n guitars. My brain's already moist in anticipation! If you's as famished as moi, then get to post haste as ain't many was made & once it's off the menu, it's about as likely to come back as a tripe corndog is to fly. *Be sure to check out Mission Chinese when in NY or SF; *Ono's 'Machines That Kill People' is on the reish deck over to Priority Male too. It's blat've denatured bizarreness goes toe to toe w/Cromagnon's lp on ESP as one've the great noggin twisters of all time;

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