Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Past Sure Is Tense.....Getting To The Bottom of the 'Thai Record' LP

Like I said, me & Turley...we likes to have a good time. And since we ain't seen one another in a lifetime, the other night we got deep into it. Around 3am I pulled out this record what we used to listen to when we was over in the shit that has been-unbelievably-repressed. No shit, I seen the cover at a shop & knowed I'd seen it before. The clerk told me some story about it bein a cd once put out by a Swedish prankster & some story about how there's theories about it being either the Sun City Girls or No Neck Blues Band. I don't know fuck about any of that claptrap, all I know is that I'd seen that cover & it was very familiar. It was 12$ so fuck it, I bought one. Took it home & forgot about it. Then the other night I remembered it & put it on & it was like a flashback to tunnels of Cu Chi. It gave us the fuckin chills! We then decided to call some old friends & confirm that it was the same record 'cause I thought we was buggin out. The one fella who'd first turned us onto the record we couldn't find, but we managed to locate our old comrade Delray & leave a message on his voice mail. As you'll see below in his email, he was able to roger the album & confirm w/a photo. The eyes don't lie. Take that Siamese Temple Ball!

Yo, Woody Woodbe & Bull Turley! What are you 2 old motherfuckers doin callin me at 4 o'clock in the fuckin mornin askin me about some damn record from back in the day? Ain't you got no sense? Shit! Man, of course I remember that motherfuckin album. I used to call it 'The Cobra' cause it was so beautiful & mesmerizing but once we got to smokin that mountain shit that music would strike you dead. What was them mountain people's called I forget (the Montagnards-RW) but whatever it was, the stuff they growed was unbelievable. It was like that medical shit you can get nowadays, man, blow your fuckin mind. But yeah, that record was Teddy Sinninger's jam. That was some tracks he laid down w/some Army Ranger bro's of his from New Jersey & they had it pressed somewhere, Taiwan or some shit, I can't exactly remember. I do remember when Teddy got'em back & he took a stack over to the PX & told everybody it some sorta Cong rock band. And all them artillery motherfucks thought it was some VC shit! And he sold'em all! That motherfucker was crazy! Shit I still got a picture w/him holdin a copy, dig it, there's Woody, Turley, me & Teddy with his record (see above). Motherfucker took that thing everywhere. I don't know how they did it but they made that music sound GOOD! What was that shit you was talkin Woody? Something about a Sun City Girl or a No Necked Blue Man? I don't know what you 2 assholes is snortin but that shit ain't my bag. I still gots the copy he gave me somewhere but I ain't played that thing in years. My son-the one that got the gay & moved out to Olympia, Wa-said somebody had made a cd out of it. And now your sayin it's a record again? Is this some kind of a motherfuckin joke? Did that honky-ass Teddy Sinninger tell you to call me & with this bullshit? ever come down here to Atlanta & I will PERSONALLY cut off both your all's dicks & feed'em to one of Michael Vicks dogs. But seriously, it would be good if you crazy bastards come this way. I still get into some herbable shit & I like my Mexican beers. Fuck Budweiser. And Michelob too. Get on down here! And don't call me no more w/your silly-ass shit. Peace to you both. Out.
Delray King


Gimbus said...

I love that story so much that I don't even care that its not true...or is it? Wherebout would a loser like me find this record?

slappy said...

just for the record: Teddy Sininger died in Viet Nam, specifically, in the Binh Dinh province of South Vietnam. Killed Dec 15, 1968 in a helicopeter crash. His body was recovered. He was 20 years old when he died.
His name is on the Memorial Wall in Washington, DC - panel 36W, row 027.

tsinninger said...

hey slappy, just for the record; i think you might have the wrong GI. guess what? I ain't dead. And Delray; I didn't out them dumb fucks up to callin you neither. Now where's my royalties?

Anonymous said...