Monday, August 13, 2007

Whip It Good.....New Releases from Mattress & Tyvek

It sure has been the year for fish-eyed, tweaked-out 7"er's hasn't it? By the pound too it seems like, giant nets full've noise & pop mackerels, hoisted on board to be picked over or thrown back. And sure enough there's always the one's what get tucked away in the hold to keep for yourself. From my recent trowelings this new ep from Mattress would fit that bill to a T. It's also the debut release on the Malt Duck label, captained by none other than Fuzzbox Flynn over to KDVS so I needn't have worried that I was gonna get hornswoggled by some precosity or affectation (hello Olympia!). In fact, I was so tickled by the aural results I made a malt duck sangria in order to further imbibe in the swagger of this Mattress fella. I've heard some genteel peepin about his similarities to Alan Vega & Suicide but I don't think the paleo dark/space vibe (what resonates from Suicide to my node) is all that prominent. I mean, it's there-if you want it to be-but scratch your ears a little faster & hear trickles 'n blurts what's remininscent of Minimal Man, Pyrolator & (early) Quintron. It a man & his machines, primed & pulsating, up against it w/not a worry in the world. It's not naivete folks, it's bravado & personally.....I like his odds. Order here;

Also, another entry what's sure to breeze into a top whatever at years end is this long awaited double 7"er from Tyvek c/o the What's Your Rupture? label. For a couple've yrs now WYR? have been perfecting a standard of excellence what's bein carried over from trademark Anglo labels such as Whaam!, Creation or 53rd & 3rd, releasin handmade & stamped vinyl from the likes of The Long Blondes, Comet Gain, Cause Co-Motion & Love Is All. So just when I think I got'em sussed they up & deliver this 4 sider from perhaps one of the tippest of the toppest bands workin the circuit in the here & now. Cherry picked off the 'Fast Metabolism' cdr-which I have played near to death-Tyvek effortlessly connect w/a 1-2 combination that seems fueled by equal parts Fast-era Mekons & Scars as well as Happy Squid's own Urinals & 100 Flowers. Nobody jolts back the juice with quite the same gusto as these guys & I for one could stand an LP's worth of tuneage from Los Tyvek's asap.Check'em out at; & order the dbl 7" from
also, check out the WYR page;

I got lot's more what to gab about but your gonna have to give me a day to sort'em all out. Just when I thought I was done w/company & ol' Bull headed off to parts unknown, who comes along but Todd Blowbox, here in town to attend a convention for fortunetellers & the like. He's got some fancy name now, calls himself The Amazin Somethinorother, but he'll always be Todd Blowbox to me. It takes all kind's that much is for sure. Maybe I'll get him to break out the crystal ball for a few reviews. Until then, keep'em comin!


Gimbus said...

Neither Mattress nor Tyvek were killed in Viet Nam. Tyvek may have taken some shrapnel in Somolia, however....

When's the Paeces record landing?

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