Thursday, May 10, 2007

21st Century Schizoid Zeuhl.....Whose Your Favorite Son, God?'s 'Out Of Body Diva'LP

Lot's of folks been writin & askin where I've been & what's the deal w/the layoff 'n all. I appreciate the concern, but my whereabouts & doings is secret. If I told you then I have to kill you. People all's the time say that in jest (& when is it not funny?) but I'm afraid on my account, it's true. The other one what folks is fond of goes 'you don't want to know'. On the subject of ME, I concur. You don't. All's I can tell you is that it's a diabolical world out there & all them conspiracy theories...well, they ain't ALL theories. While I was away on "vacation" I had a talk off the record w/this fella what's called a "Kennedy Chaser". You know the type, assassination issues, single bullet or not, Castro, Mafia, etc. Hell, I wasn't there! But I know some things, trust me. I told him straight up, 'what I'm about to say you won't believe'. That got his attention! I then proceeded to spill the beans about how not only was Jimmy Hoffa still alive, but he was operatin w/JFK's brain. That's right. This case was called "Operation Scotch Egg'. A secret offshoot of the CIA had taken Hoffa & cryogenically froze him, then when JFK was killed, they's switched brains (the whereabouts of Hoffa's real one remains unknown, even to me). It wasn't a plan, just an elaborate sick joke w/legs. As you's all are probably familiar with, the FBI & CIA despised both of'em. They put Hoffa 'on ice' (ha!) to shut him up, then when that snuff in Dallas happened, someone thought they'd have themselves a hoot.Seein as how we had all kind's of Nazi doctors on the payroll, it weren't nothin to have one of'em do this operation. A litte nip here, a tuck there & presto. Cruel? Eh. Unusual? To say the least. All's I knowed is there was some serious BALLS to pullin that one off. Once the transplant took, they went & unloaded this "experiment" somewhere's up to Canada, new identity, papers, background, the whole bit. I think the new life took a bit to catch on. I heard tell of him gettin into all kind've trouble w/women & booze. I mean, you can see how that's be a problem; it's Kennedy's brain & Hoffa's body. Only now he's Mr. So&so. Can you imagine the things he was sayin? Woosh! I think he was institutionalized at one point. Anyway, long story short; he got reprogrammed & is now a functionary somewhere's deep in the GWB administration. Well, this Kennedy Chaser was all about this. Once he got it down on paper he was outta the room & on a plane to WDC faster than you could say 'Grassy Knoll' ( I also told him LBJ's codename was EL BJ. I'm anxious to see if that one turns up).
So anyways, that's a little of what I was up to. I'll tell ya, one LP what got alot've play while I was gone was the debut by Whose Yor Favorite Son, God? & man is it a keeper! See'em live down to SXSW was great, but the record fans the flames of hybridized (post)Prog-swoggle & (proto) Metal-mania like just about nobody else. What w/this talk about brain transplants 'n all, WYFSG? could almost be described as a union of Magma (mind) & MX-80 Sound (matter). I don't know about you, but I was jonesin to hear somethin SCREAMIN after 'Crowd Conrol' (to no avail) & hey, if Christian Zander had kidnapped Rich Stim & Bruce Anderson, perhaps 'Attahk' might've sounded as rad as this album. WYFSG? ably combine the dramatic & operatic pretense of Magma w/the cool, aggressive delivery of MX-80 Sound & if your thinkin 'that's somethin I gotta hear' your right. My Mom (remember her?) says they sound like Mahavishnu Orchestra should've if they were MEN (once you hear this you'll know what she means). Even the little Greek dude who delivers my beer opined "everything that Heavy The World isn't, Whose Your Favorite Son, God? IS". And who am I to argue w/a Greek? They invented civilization buster! What have you ever done?
And now the facts; distribution on this seems TOP SECRET, so try going direct to the label at to get in on the action. They's only made enough for 500 lucky devil's (some in handscreened outer bags as pictured) so hurry!

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