Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hysterie Connective Acte Deux.....Blank Dogs 'The First Two Weeks" 12" EP

There's many pate's of sputtering electro-junk brimming from terrine's via la underground Francaise as of late. What's more, they's all seem to be baked in Chrome ovens, or at least one's assembled to approximate specifications. The same can be said for a bevy of other likeminded Rhinelanders as well.Not that it's a bad thing. Far from it. Keep the kids creeped out 'n rockin I says. So it was w/great interest & slight amusement to me when I picked up this here 12" from Blank Dogs-hailin (I think) from the Brooklyn area- and the 1st thing what come to mind was Metal Urbain. But that's 'cause I was spinnin the b-side. Pretty snazzy if you ask me. So I flipped it & wah la....I dunno, Dr. Mix or Metal Boys. How a fuckin 'bout that? Hell, even the name Blank Dogs seemed reminiscent of one of them early French Punk bands like Asphalt Jungle or Warm Gun or somethin. I had to laugh! While's all them over there is squirmin to command Edge/Creed like gruff, Blank Dogs done gone & cranked out this bristler of Debris/Schwartz studded grime. And I suspect it's the work of a lone marksman too. Which calls to mind another solo debut by a fella what called himself Big Black who yrs ago made a similar dramatic debut called 'Lungs'. I can't say if they's destined for a similar path-or that I'd wanna see'em head that direction-but so far Blank Dogs is blankin the competiton & this kinda heat don't show up to the park every day. Limited edition of 490, hand numbered & screened too, get'em at;


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