Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Harsh 90's Reality.....One More Time. Hey, We Got T-Shirts!

That's right, we've gone & run off a small batch of 'vintage' Siltbreeze shirts from the 90's! Get'em while you can. Plenty of time to break'em in before the upcoming ATP & the next No Fun Fest! Sizes are small, medium, large & extra large. 100% cotten to boot!

Dead C- Designed by band member Michael Morley, this was a tour only shirt from their 1995 US Tour. Black ink on white shirt.

Harry Pussy- Design culled from the 'Ride A Dove release, this was a tour only shirt from their 1996 US Tour. Black ink on grey shirt

Siltbreeze Label-Designed by Graham Lambkin from the Shadow Ring, this was originally a 'promo only' shirt done in a very small run & given to artists on the label at the time (roughly 1994). Blue ink on white shirt.

Shirts are 15$ each postpaid WORLDWIDE! Please specify size when ordering. To purchase, go to
& our address is;

Or, send cash or money order to;

727 South 7th St
Phila, Pa 19147

Let'em know you were there, even if you weren't!

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Lee said...

Dude you got these in XL?