Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just Who You Tryin To Fuck With This Shit?.....3 Little Guys What Stunk

More 'n more records show up all the time, what's an erstwhile philosopher to do? To them's out there that aren't afforded the luxury of promo's, or lads or ladette's without disposable cashish, all's I can say is.....been there. There's always seemed to exist some unwritten rule that if you's is the recipient of something free & you don't like it, better to ignore than to criticize. And I'd agree w/that on some level. Perhaps it's also that some scribes what pen reviews of the current underground just like everyting what comes their way or don't wanna burn bridges. But since I ain't one, I don't harbor them same feelings. Settin a bridge on fire can be highly exhilaratin & if I liked everything what waltzed down the pike I'd be an even bigger lardass than I already am. If you read this Blog w/any regularity then it's obvious I don't have no love lost on New Weird Ameriblah but I also hold equal disdain for retro punk & garage/budget rock. Bottom line; it's the obvious what sours the milk. Problem could be I'm too old for this racket; too much knowledge w/ accessible deep archives. But I doubt it. More like the old sayin what goes; "Youth is wasted on the young". Ain't it the truth?

There'a label outta Chicago what's started up called Tic Tac Totally that has inexplicably felt the need to powder the landscape w/a couple of run of the mill singles the 1st one I heard bein this by Snake Flower 2. I guess the whole Blank Dogs, solo vision thing was bound to take on it's share of imitators & here we go. It ain't terrible, in fact it's easily accessible if somewhat plodding but at no time did I feel the want to play it more'n a couple spins & can't say I sees much future in it's company. Even with global warming I doubt it'll ever rain hard enough to pine for this one again. Seemed very much a byproduct of late 90's fluff, like the Lily's or somethin along the lines've that band that had a fella what looked like one of the Banana Splits, the ones that had a hardon for Brian Jones. Maybe if I was dependent on nitrous & can've Sparks to keep it "up" this might seem glam or psychedelic, but I'm starin straight into reality & it's shootin back the finger. Later dude.

Also available from TTT is a 7" from Yokohama Hooks, a 3 song aggro sneerer that calls to mind the choppy angular post punk of Au Pairs. Can't say I was ever much taken w/Au Pairs, they always seems affected & toffee nosed while lacking the chops of contempo's like Gang Of Four, Gilrs At Our Best & so forth. The B-side cover of 'Bloodstains' is easily as embarrassin as Zonic Shockum's take on 'Bullet' yrs ago but not nearly as charmin. Pointless is the word I keep comin back to. Maybe a cover've 'It's Obvious' would've made more sense, but 'Inconvenience' is more like it.
Both records via

Lot's of pups is jacked about Fag Cop & I can just imagine the shirtless pit, 9 miles of cock locked together in a daisychain of hardcore reenactment & face pounding frenzy. Personally I never found the racket of Pussy Galore all that hardcore & when the 90's imitators rolled around, most notably Monster Truck 5 & the lesser grunge of the Pac NW it seemed more about head waggin & flannel flyin. But the youth of today will have their say & history has been reconstructed to show Fag Cop as bypassin all that glop & are the current embodiment of (sigh) The Reatards or worse,someone's idea've what somebody's brother's friend's shop teacher told them Antiseen was like in the late 90's.Me? I was never much cared for Dead Boys covers & thought the Confederacy Of Scum was some dumbass joke. The other day while I was dressin out a rabbit on the balcony I overheard a couple dirt punkers sittin down on our stoop jabberin. The one fella in ripped jeans & a flaccid mohawk was explainin "Just because you wake up with a dick in your mouth doesn't make you gay.Like dude....I didn't even like it"! His misguided "logic" makes sense though; you go Crusty!

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