Monday, May 12, 2008

EAT SKULL'S 'Sick To Death' LP Available NOW!

I know the official release date isn't until next week, but we're offering up 'early' copies of the debut lp from Eat Skull entitled 'Sick To Death'. If you weren't lucky (or astute) enough to snag their previous singles or tour cassette, not to worry, they're all available on Ebay. For lot's of money! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Sorry, I was trying to suffer fools lightly. Anyway, this lp is a great window into the world of Eat Skull, a world where psychic scars offer ponderous, trebly results. Is it Punk? Mister, I'd like to know just what Punk is these days. If your Punk is all about gnarly gnar-gnar rhythm hooks, organ fills that hang in the air like clouds of acid rain & radical, pogo frenzied tuneage then YES, 'Sick To Death' is the living embodiment of Punk. Remember the end of that movie 'Don't Look Now'? The part where Donald Sutherland-who plays some weird clairvoyant architect-corners the even weirder little dwarf character who pretends to be crying but then turns around & slashes Big Don's throat? He'd channeled all that, knew it was comin, but still couldn't stop it. Like c'mon, is that fucked up or what? 'Sick To Death' conjugate's the same vibe; you've heard these song before in your dreams, you've lived this stuff-no doubt-but when you finally confront them 1st hand, you know they're here to take you out. And that's when you realize the shit got deep. Shredders on fry dude, it doesn't get more Punk than that.

Copies Of 'Sick To Death' are 15$ ppd US ONLY. Overseas is 25$ per copy & Canadian residents pay 18$. Paypal to;

PS-CD version coming soon, email for more info.

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