Saturday, February 23, 2008

Der Schlachter Ist Mein Freund.....More reviews!

Ah, it's good to be home. I spent the day shoppin, gettin victuals for a splendid dinner. My buddy Orlando whose a butcher hooked me up w/a fine lookin leg of lamb which I dressed out myself & that dude is in the marinade as I write. He's gonna get roasted over a wood fire & served up alongside some fingerling potatos, sauteed swiss chard & (I'd reckon) many bottles of a certain Portuguese vinho tinto I have become partial to. Bully for me! But I ain't forgot you all. Here, eat this:

Killertree's got another archival release of Kzoo recordings, this time by Plants entitled 12/15/93. Plants was a trio consistin of Dunn-Olson-Ramirez (I'm assumin yr scorecard is up to date) & if you dug the Universal Indians lp what come out a couple yrs back, then this ought to satisfy in a similar fashion. Both sort've embody sounds what one might find on real early PSF releases, UI seemin more like Highrise where Plants're more tapped into a Haino-fied stylee. Turns out the Jesse Harper reish on Kissing Spell was the Excalibur for both. Oh well, hey, as inspiration goes, that's a topper. The Olson penned liners what lay out the history of Plants are hilarious & as you might imagine, embellishes the band/recordings w/way more ecstatic gusto than what actually comes through. I ain't criticizing none, just sayin that I got plenty of tapes of myself & friends + hrs of friends 'n friends makin a boss din & it sounds pretty great to my ears, takin me back to loonier carefree times. Who knows, maybe it's my bad I ain't thought about releasin any of it. But that's doubtful. Still, as rackets go, this is supremely racketable. And as a template it's also crucial; here's the edenic starting point for alls what has followed (UI, Graveyards, Dead Machines, Ex-Cocaine). For me road cone's is always a sure sign of trouble & if this Plants lp don't prove that in spades then my Kentucky grass ain't no more bluer than my blood. Dig it at;

I picked up this 7" from an Austin outfit called Finally Punk even if the clerk insisted on making mention that they was quasi Riot Grrl. Alls I got to say about that is I don't give a flying fuck about antiquated politics. So then I'm thinkin they must be from Olympia or thereabouts & was happier than a priest at a weiner roast to find out they was from Austin, TX. Sure, they got the hard bop of the Pac Northwest's more illustrious finger waggers but what I dig about'em is hows they come off like a modern day personification of The Foams. There's lot's of shameless fun & frantic dischord goin on. It don't seem about gender issues, trans or otherwise, nor is it seeped in allegorical mishmosh. Thank you! This also comes w/a cdr of further material that I'm lookin forward to as well. It's great that Tobi Vale's a fan & even greater that I didn't let that fact dissuade me from buy this (ding!). All you old Foams fans unite! Finally Punk is bringin it all back home. Who'd have thought? Available via or direct;

Another Tejas 7" that showed up on my doorstep is a 4 song ep by a band what's called Hearts Of Animals. Actually I suspect it's a solo effort but I'll check the facts later. Right now it don't matter. There's elements that smack hard of shoegazer nonsense like Velocity Girl & that ilk, but when it flys-which it does on 2 tracks-it soars through the same jet stream as Amos & Sara or Family Fodder. Really terrific diy dub/psych minimalism & it might be the 1st record to come outta Houston that I kinda like since Charalambides split that swamp. Thanks to the Dull Knife label for thinkin of ol' Roland Woode. Find this at either; or

Lastly (& bestly), I wanna let yous all know about the 2nd release on the already esteemed Malt Duck label. Entitled Them, Themselves or They, this is a crucial swab of cracked weirdo experimentalism with stunning rich undertones that is as tranfixing & eerily bewildering-in real time-as DDAA, The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast, Ludus or Kosmonautentraum was back in halcyon yore. Made up of former members of Eat The People, Sally Strobelight + others I have never heard of (either), I am very curious & anxious for someone to get the ball rollin on releasin MORE Them, Themselves or They as well as delvin into the vaults to get these other Sac-Town whackers works into the ears 'n arms of us appreciaters. Thankfully this too comes w/a a bonus cdr so I'll have somethin soothin to listen to later while that lamb rolls around on the spit. Shit, this thing has got me so giddy w/delight that I'm gonna have to call it one of my favorite 7"ers of the year thus far. Malt Duck is battin 1000% & I suspect they got nowhere to go but up. Write to & get in on the ground floor.


sing_o_muse said...

The TTT 7" is awesome, and yup it's nice to have a CD with an extra track on it as well.

Seriously, when is Ms. Strobelight et al. going to get in the decorated dirigible (or at least the van) and get out to the Northeast to hypnotise others and herself?

Go Malt Duck.

FuzzFlynn said...

She's got to hit up the West Coast first!