Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah, Complain, Complain, Complain.....New Mammal's Really Good Though!

Slasher Risk is a duo outta Brooklyn (okay, so I looked at their Myspace page. I was bored!) who are dabblers in the 'been there, done that' scene of post weird america. To say their sound is non meritorious would belie that it is unremarkable in it's unremarkability. Most indubitably! Thy got an lp called 'Triple Jesus' out & if you've got a nice little stockpile of Magik Markers, Zaimph or any of that sort of stuff at the head of your collection, this is crucial in it's sameness. If you are a collector of records in editions of less than 300, regardless of how they sound, again, we are talking must-have here (#rd edition of 100). If your a discernin type then you've already been hornswoggled w/enough of this kinda stuff at the beginnin of the decade. Is it me or does most everything comin out of NY & the boroughs just smack of pretense & affectation? Hard to know how affected or pretentious Slasher Risk are, maybe not at all. Which is how many more times I'm likely to play their lp. Beep, beep!

I really wanted to like A.M Haines Triumphant Ghost lp & I consider myself a stalwart supporter of the Foreign Frequency label but somebody better tell him the Japanese were all up into this free noise, white noise, power noise, whatever noise a long time ago. I have slept through lawn mowers goin round my head, been woken up w/a vacuum cleaner up against my ear, played my fair share of Masonna, Merzbow, Hijokaidan records at high volume & at no point during any of them experiences could I say "yeah, I can live here". Visitin's one thing. If A.M. Haines want's to take a walk or leave the house w/his electric razor runnin at full speed, that's his prerogative. Me buyin an lp of said noise....I guess that's my way of chippin in for the utility bill. You might be sayin 'Roland, you just haven't heard enough of this to be fair' or you could opine 'Roland, I think you've heard plenty', which is exactly what I'm thinkin. Family Pet it ain't. Oh well.

This 7" ep from a SF group called The Mantles really stokes the node in it's uncanny similarity to old school Paisley Underground, you know, before it had been so sadly tagged. The strains, strums & streams that permeate so lost & wonderfully on this remind my tired soul of early Leaving Trains, The Last as well as the roster that made up Steve Wynn's Down There label. Nice going.Check it out at;

I'll admit, I picked up the Alrightee's e.p. on account of their label wavin a banner what read "Not Siltbreeze"! I don't know if them's fightin words or not. Maybe they's just jealous. It happens. Anyway, The Alrightees stammer & stumble forth down the beer 'n blood soaked path of jagged garage punk, complete w/a blown out, buried in the red live delivery on this 5 song duster. Reminded me of any number of ace outfits headed by Rob Vasquez a decade ago. I see a Goner Fest in their future for sure. Boom Chick is right, it's not Siltbreeze but that don't make it not good. It's holdin up just fine.

Gary Beavuvais sent a copy of the latest Mammal release, this plain white sleeved 7" on white vinyl that he done for the Bloodlust! label. Story goes these two tracks was taken from an aborted Mammal lp entitled 'Death Rider' which also functioned as a soundtrack to a film w/the same name. I dunno, to me, seems a shame that the thing was shitcanned. Mammal's at his friskiest here, layin down some serious gnarled biker rock guitar squalls over layers of programmed percussions. It got me thinkin the film is probably noddin hard into some heavy Anger (as in Kenneth) homage but I guess we'll never know. If your lookin for someone what's come to bury OM & not praise them, Mammal sounds up to the task. And how. Write; or go to; for availability.

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