Thursday, July 19, 2007

From The Desk Of Crocodile Dundee.....XNo BBQX & Pulled Out Records

I know, I know, your tired of the excuses. I'm sorry. My life is an endless series of crisis & chaos, what can I say? Imagine if I had to make this shit up! No chance've that, I ain't got the mind to conjure up such folderol. The truth is strange enough.
Oof........I just spent the better part of this month in an 'advisory' position. I weren't allowed to say exactly what my investigatin consisted of, but now that it's done, I can let the cat outta the bag. I'd been employed-in a "friend of a friend" sorta way-by someone at Tastykake to make some stock certificates go away. I don't now how many of you's out there is familiar w/Gary Heidnik (he was a local sicko who the Buffalo Bill character in 'Silence Of The Lambs' was based on) but evidently he made a small fortune investin in the company & it seems......well......let's just say that while ol' Gare might be long gone, them stocks was still earnin. The money was pilin up, but no one inside wanted to touch it fearin some kind've implication by the press or whoever might spark up a fuss. My job was to find & neutralize them dividends, get the money out & into a "charity" then walk away as if it had never happened. I can't say that I was so interested in such a cloak 'n dagger operation but I do love the shit outta them Butterscotch Krimpets & my contact said if I could make this problem disappear, I could eat them things-gratis-till I turned into one. Needless to say, such incentive helped propel me into doin a job well done. If you ain't ever had the pleasure of eatin such a delectable morsel as a Butterscotch Krimpet, waste no time & go to & order a case forthwith. They may not be food but man are they good!
But now that that's over I can concentrate on some more entertainin matters at hand. I've been hearin lot's of great stuff comin outta Australia lately & seein as how we's all live in a global village I figured it was time to take a virtual walkabout through their outback've noise. Or at least trumpet the doins over to the Pulled Out clubhouse. My 1st exposure to the (sub) genius of the label was by way of XNoBBQX, a rockin little duo who use sludge as a mascara. They had a cdr entitled 'Sunshine Of Your Love' that seemed to molecularly breakdown Harry Pussy & Mouthus into a vat of bubbling acidic porridge, each sputter slowly mushrooming then bursting into explosive SPLATS of such corrosive excellence that I had to track'em down & get the recipe. Known most days as Nick Dan & Matt Earle, they informed me that SOYL was but the tip of their iceberg & was kind enough to load me up w/all sort's of mayhem they had up their sleeves. XNoBBQX does seem to be the flagship band & if you got some time, check out their Myspace page for sounds & videos galore. You'll be smilin so tight your friends will swear you got a turd in your pocket. Who knows, maybe you do. Even Mr. Mogul over to Siltbreeze Records was so taken with'em he's doin 'Sunshine Of Your Love' as a limited edition lp, due the end of August. Then as I was gettin so I just about had my geezerly brain wrapped around the XNoBBQX (I guess the name insinuates hardcore veganism as Matt & Nick claim to be hardcore vegans. Shit, some of my favorite things to eat is vegans. I'm pretty hardcore about it too!) I get the Antipan & UnAustralians lp's & boy was I swimmin in it. Antipan teams'em up w/a fella named Sumugan & another what goes by Anthony (let's not forget Pete Blamey on desk 'n effects either) to produce a riveting one-sided bumper crop of tempered, post scrap heap minimalistic beauty. List makers & followers worldwide should waste no time by putting quill to stationery in an attempt to procure a copy of this fine LP ("Dear Mr. Pulled Out, I would like to purchase....."). The crystal ball says it will soon become an obscure object of desire & as such, shall surely enjoy a fond, evened rememberance somewhere in the annals of the future by that sauve diarist of the Avant Garde, Alan Licht. As there are only 275 copies available, time is of the essence. I won't tease you w/all the extras it comes with either. Ya gotta pay to play! On the UnAustralians lp you'll find neither Nick or Matt but instead the duo of Ein & Aus. These two spray their contempt through the air like a spread of rusted buckshot that obliterates the synapses 'n cells like early Boredoms or those Neo's records. A Martian Brain Squeeze indeed! The thing is they's claim to be grindcore, albiet, subverted-like.Admittedly I ain't got the greatest grasp on grindcore, so I'll take their word for it (I stand by the Boredoms & Neo's call too). This record can really suck the carcinogens outta the air & I gotta tell ya, I feel healthier just writin about it. This lp could add tears, I mean, YEARS to your collection & if you's is from outside Australia, you'll get a dvd download of our heroes in action. The room was closin in on me by the time I go to the Sun Of The Seventh Sister chapter of this Antipodean odyssey. SSS could best be described as a moderne-day festival style band, sort've like Here & Now if they'd been influenced more by Xenakis & Butthole Surfers than Gong or Daevid Allan. If you'd ever wondered what Hawkwind sounded like in that tent after they'd blowed up your eardrums & your lobes was caked w/blood, here it is. Pulled Out went & done a 3xlp lathe set what's now out of print (#'rd ed. of 21) but an offshoot of Pulled Out, Breakdance The Dawn (run by-suprise!-Matt Earle) has available a 6xcassette set of the SSS New Zealand tour housed in magnificent recycled material just waiting for 15 lucky fans to pony up. If you've been hankerin to get started on diggin that hole to China, Sun Of The Seventh Sister LIVE sprawled out over 6 tapes would be a most suitable soundtrack.
What else can I say? The Pulled Out Posse is a very busy bunch. And so should you; go on, limber up them fingers, make sure you got a good writin pen & paper. Get that keyboard all fired up too.Wait till you see the whites of their lines, I mean, EYES then email; , & for a deluge of aural action & adventures. And remember; XNoBBX 'Sunshine Of Your Love' LP (pictured above) AVAILABLE 8/21 ON SILTBREEZE RECORDS. Check & for further details.