Sunday, May 14, 2006

To Mom On Mothers Day.....Siltblog Top 10 for 5/14/06

I was recently asked to chef, curate (love that word!) & DJ a Mothers Day Brunch for a chapter of the Daughters Of The American Revolution at the Casimir Pulaski Fox And Hound Club in Chalfont, PA. I won't show you the menu I came up with (too awesome!) but below is a list of the 10 most requested records from my collection for said occasion. These ladies really know how to celebrate. Bon Appetit!

1; The Execute-An Omen Of Fear ep
2; Timmothy-Strange But True lp (Mr Woodbe; original Pear pressing please!)
3; NNCK-The Circle Broken cassette (edition of 50, Nick Cain copy ONLY)
4; David Welch-Blue Lightning Accent-lp
5; Doden-Sluten Psykiatrisk Vard ep
6; Dave Bixby-Ode To Quetzalcoatl lp
7; Sickness-Corpse Monger 7"
9; From Rexella With Love-Hawaii lp
10; Endless Boogie-Boogie Sicodelico lp (Mr Woodbe; this would be the white lp.)

We hope this list isn't an inconvenience. Your menu looks divine & I speak for all the Daughter's when I say that we are expecting this to be the finest Mothers Day Brunch in our chapter's history. Thank you so much in advance.


Myrtle Hale
(Great, great, great, great, great, great, granddaughter of Nathan Hale)

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bryan said...

god your almost as bad as byron coley & thurston moore in arthur. i don't recognize any of this shit. i love it! keep up the confusing work.