Thursday, May 18, 2006

Anyone Can Get To Doodyville, Just Close Your Eyes & Wish.....Vetiver's 'To Find Me Gone' CD

I was readin somewhere the other day that the last Clarabell The Clown recently died from prostate cancer. "Geez" I thought to myself, "how sad". I bet them fops from Vetiver must be really broken up. They've gone & based a whole act around dressin 'n actin like characters from the Hoody Doody Show. I hope they have plenty of soft pillows to bite so's to help muffle their sadness.But on the upside of things, maybe a little real press is what they need. Up to now, everbody seems to think this bunch invented puppet folk.However, that heinous distinction would have to be bestowed on their puppeteer, Buffalo Bob Banhart. But enough about him. Go get your copy of 'To Find Me Gone' & let's take a trip through the new Doodyville shall we?
Ah, puppet folk....the kids love it too! 'To Find Me Gone' really delivers all the clown magic 'n dopey faux 60's outsider vibes one would expect from a paint-by-numbers outfit like Vetiver. They were smart to hide behind the Howdy Doody folk/psych illusion. Look at'em; Phineas T. Bluster, Dilly Dally, Princess Summerfall Winterspring & Howdy Doody himself. Is that Captain Windy Scuttlebutt I see shakin a tambourine? Sure looks like him from here! Boy, they almost sound just like the old Howdy Doody. Except newer. And contrived. And precious. It's like they was really hexed by the Mangle Wurzel 'n who am I to argue w/a bunch of puppets, especially one's dressed up like sad Haight/Ashbury reenactors? I am but one voice. I realize there are legions of misguided youth out there among you who never got to see the Flapdoodle in action. It gave you whatever you asked for, so long as it was good. That's how I got all my albums by COB, ISB, Forest, Dr. Strangely Strange & the like. And while Vetiver have really pulled off an authentic 3 dollar bill version of those sounds, they forgot the Flapdoodle. Still, I think they've gotten what they wanted. It's just that it's not good.
But like I said, that's just one opinion. If they was playin Knotts Berry Farm or Sesame Place I could understand, but......this time the bear ate me. Kids can't wait to sit lotus style on dirty barroom floors, shotgun clove smoke into each other's piercing stations 'n nod off to this stuff. It's a whole new Peanut Gallery out there & if they wanna spend their allowance yawning along to this, hey, that's show business. Me, I'm doin this deal w/this dude I just met who calls himself Dogpaw. He's got a beard 'n long hair & wears overalls w/o a shirt. Sometimes he's even sportin a nutty, sorry, VINTAGE hat, always perched at a jaunty angle. Anyway, he's got this rad idea to start a label to document the up 'n coming Delaware noise band scene. CASSETTE'S ONLY! Real small editions too. Aw man, it's gonna be scuzzywuzzymuzzy. I'm all gnarled up about it! That's where the real aktion is. See ya later!

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