Monday, December 17, 2012

Best Of 2012.....Gary Panter's 'Dal Tokyo'!

It's fair to say Gary Panter's oogled the the eyes of a couple've generations've dillweeds with his work via RAW & Pee-wee's Playhouse. Then there's thems of us what go back 'n had a 1st gander courtesy've Ralph Records ('Buy Or Die', what a tagline!) & if we was lucky, caught Dal Toyko as it come down, serialized in the L.A. Reader. But the whole've Dal Tokyo had evaded me for many moons. See, after the run in the 'Reader, the strip got picked up & was continued in some Japanese Reggae magazine. JAPANESE REGGAE? I know, it's too early for such a pixillatin conundrum, still, Dal Tokyo was back. Then in the early 90's a French imprint by the name've Sketch collected the original 63 entries into a slim paperback edition, but them others was still as rare as a Yakitori bar in Columbus, Ohio. Add to all this a few years of whispers 'n nods that they's all might finally be comin out in one book & you've got yourself an armful've blood blisters. The welt've reality, self inflicted physical totems what limned the crushed dreams of a modest few. And then one fine summer day, viola! There it was.Or here it is. Either way,in hand it be. And a stunning collection it is too, from format, to scope, from beginning to end. If you's is unfamiliar, well, I's can't say there's really anything else like it. Perhaps imagine if Henry Darger drawed 'n illustrated Philip K Dick's 'The Three Stigmata's Of Palmer Eldritch'. Or's if someone discovered some lost narrative art by Hieronymus Bosch, etched 'n painted inside the wall of a cave. On the moon. Yeah, it's like them there.And yet it's not.To be blunt, Dal Toyko is one of the great original works've American arts & letters combined. Makes a perfect companion what to wile away the sands've time. Why not make it your vacation destination for 2013? Tell your travel agent Rozz Tox sent ya! Check out; also

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