Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Bear Taking A Dump Asked A Rabbit.....More Limerick Reviews!

It has been an age since I last heard from Lester 'Ding Dong' Dell but he ain't lost a lick of his limerick genius.The thing about ol Ding Dong is this; he's much more fun to read than to hear. 'Cause he also SPEAKS in limerick form all the time too. So when I says he's a genius, I'm bein nice is all. That's how he's wired. Can't help it. Same as a retard. It's a fine line I'm told. Anyways, enjoy:

True Sons Of Thunder-Spoonful Of Seedy Dudes lp (Jeth-Row)

True Sons Of Thunder duly impale
On Jeth-Row Records this does in fact hail
The proto crud is real swimmin
It's like "rob all the men & fuck all the women!"
And behind them only winners will sail

Cheater Slicks-Gutteral lp (Columbus Discount)

CDR is a label so kind
Sent the live Cheater Slicks record, oh my, what a find!
What more can I say?
They bring it all day
If you don't dig it then eat my behind

Degreaser-Bottomfeeder lp (NGL)

Degreaser's got one in the can
Who amongst us is not yet a fan?
It weaves & it bobs
As it rectally robs
A young Sea Scout from being a man

Hank IV-Bellyful Of Slugs/Cold Equation 7" (S-S)

Hank IV have a new 7" platter
And on it they couldn't sound fatter
Twas it Anton LaVey
Who was so fond to say
"With cockrings it's mind over matter"

Black Humor-Love God, Love One Another lp (Superior Viaduct)

The Black Humor reissue is here
So scabrous, pugnacious and clear
It just goes to show
In case you don't know
That perversion is not always queer


G.Miller said...

That is a great poem about Black Humor ! - G.Miller

G.Miller said...

That is a great poem about Black Humor ! - G.Miller

Cole said...

this dude is the best music critic since Lester Bangs.