Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Naked On The Vague's 'Heaps Of Nothing' Now Available!

Don't know why it's taken me so damned long to post these! But here they are; 1st up in the new lp, 'Heaps Of Nothing' by Naked On The Vague. Lucy & Matthew went & got themselves a real band this time, the result being a more menacing, mystifying & morose masterwork. When asked the age old question, ("what's it sound like"?) I keep tellin folks; "Imagine if 'We Buy A Hammer For Daddy' had been a release on Xpressway'? It's weird,like they've gone & blacked out the sun. You'll love it! Really, an excellent followup to their S/T debut from a couple yrs back. Prices as follows;

US-15$ PPD lp

Canada-18$ PPD lp

Elsewhere-25$ PPD lp

If anyone out there's looking for review copies, I have cd's. Just drop an email.

Paypal to; sltrx@pil.net

Email to; siltbreeze@gmail.com

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