Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Jim Shepard 'Picking Through The Wreckage With A Stick' lp.....SOLD OUT

It's been curious to see the recent frenzied interest in all things Jim Shepard & along the way, a new blog has been set up dedicated soley to his works called 'Forever Lowman'
So fans of Jim, V-3, Vertical Slit, go & check it out. It's not a merch site, but if your looking to fill the (many, surely) gaps in his discography digitally, this is the place.
That said, while rearranging a basement full of neglected overstock, I recently came across a box of Jim Shepard's 'Pick Through The Wreckage With A Stick' lp's. I'd all but forgotten their existence; they were over runs from the pressing plant, a few I recall using for radio promo's when it was released in 1995. We didn't have enough covers for them, so just the stations call letters were written on the front of some blank jackets & a cheap printed song list was copied & affixed to the back, done. We sent off a few, the rest went into a plastic tub & filed for posterity. And today, posterity came knockin.
So here's the deal; I have 22 copies of the lp; original pressing, clean, pristine vinyl, never played. I made some mockup color covers from an original copy (these were screened & spray painted by Jim back then) for the front & b/w copies of the back + reprinted the 2 sided insert that came w/original edition. There's photo's left & above (sans insert, but it'll be in the jacket) of what I'm talking about.

Sorry, SOLD OUT.


M said...

are you sure there wasn't a box of alastair galbraith beneath this one? check again

Tom Darksmith said...
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馬來西亞 said...

We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull, Some have weird names , and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.............................................

evision said...

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David said...


Right before he died he sent me the master for the 'Slit and Pre-Slit' LP, which was the first thing he ever did in 1977, in an edition of 100 LPs. The last time we had talked - a few months before his death - he was telling me how much he wanted to re-release it, but change and delete some of the material. I went ballistic. I told him there was no way he could do that, you know, I ran right into it. He got a kick out of that and I guess when he was getting everything organized at the end, he remembered that and sent the masters to me, seemingly for me to re-release. So hopefully that will see the light one day.