Thursday, August 21, 2008

1st Siltbreeze 7" Since 1997.....Titmachine's 'We Build A New City/1989'

That's right, our 1st foray back into the beguiling world of 7" vinyl since Sunshine Superscum's 'Two Reactions' ep back in '97. Why, you might ask, would Siltbreeze haul off & get's itself mixed up in a format brimming w/dipshit speculators & Ebay 'day traders'? Because Titmachine are that good! Sure, it's not the 90's anymore & the small pressing is the way to go in the here & now, so that's what we've done. How many are there? Well, hopefully enough. All copies have hand done artwork on label's, some even have a ltd. ed. rubberstamp on inner sleeve. Man, I'd forgotten what a pain in the ass assembling a bunch of 7"ers was! Thankfully there's only so many.

And now without further adieu, let me hand over the embellishment to everyone's favorite hillbilly, Roland Seward Woodbe;

For the lucky few who were floored by Titmachine's debut 7" (released earlier this yr via Meeuw Muzak) come this sophomore effort, loaded for bear & released on the Siltbreeze label. Continuing their penchant for a-side covers, this time the ladies tackle Palais Schaumburg's 'Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt' (or 'We Build A New City' if you speak only in God's preferred tongue) & the results are as devastatingly great as could be imagined. Stripped of it's NDW gloss, Titmachine's reworking is more doused in raw Gueuze than refined Pilsener. In other words, them yeast's be wild y'all! The flip is an awesome (& original) little jawdropper entitled '1989' & is remarkably akin to what the Shaggs might sound like tackling the Urinals 'Ack Ack Ack'. Pressed on heliocentric black vinyl in a human(e) edition of less than one million copies, how chuffed can your summer be if you miss this chance to woggle in Titmachine's primitve, urpy grock? Don't tempt fate, buy now!

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Yea, I like it. When they playin' the Beachland? 'r the rock hall?

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