Thursday, March 06, 2008

Seitan, Seitan, Seitan!.....XnoBbqX Announce U.S. Tour

Not since
Throbbing Gristle's 2 date tour of America in 1981 has a band made such a grandiose stab at legendary tenure than XnoBbqX's forthcoming whirlwind USA blitzkrieg. Departing from Sydney, Australia the band is blazing across the country for 7, that's right, SEVEN live performances, then it's back to the southern hemisphere, shower, shave, up bright & early for work on Monday. Their debut lp on Siltbreeze, 'Sunshine Of Your Love' (still available in ltd. quantity, pressing of 500 nearly sold out) polarized the avant-minded cognoscenti like no other release on the label since Music Of The Shadow Ring's 'Put The Music In It's Coffin'. Such was the fanatical love for/hatred of the band (most notably evident on the Terminal Boredom message board) that we had to acknowledge xNobbQX as purveyors of a new genre called, Know Wave ('I know their great & you know their not'). One dusty scribe opined 'anyone can do this' which we deciphered to mean ' I mistook my ass for my head'. XnobbqX's patented brand of radioactive molasses ooze is not easy to pigeonhole (apologies to the English press, your on your own here) but let's just say that at the height of the orgy if Harry Pussy decided to take a shit on Mouthus' chest, here's hoping any right thinking copraphagiast would waste no time sating their hunger pangs by digging into this stooly gnarltasm.
Members Nick Dan (percussion) & Matt Earle (guitar) will also surely be peddling rare wares to those in attendance, Nick being the kingpin behind the estimable Pulled Out label, Matt the mastermind behind the incredible Breakdance The Dawn imprint. Look for copies of the awesome XnoBbqx picture disk (photo above), the latest release from Pulled Out (an lp by The Spiders, a great aggressive clattering improv bunch presumably from the Sydney area), as well as a smattering of BDTD titles & the aforementioned S/Breeze lp. So without further adieu, I present to you the XNOBBQX 2008 US Tour itinerary;

xNoBBQx US tour '08
all the way from Australia! cooking lessons at the following locations..
March 8th @ Hemlock, San Franciscow/ Curse of the Birthmark + Tomes9:30pm, $7
March 9th @ The Smell, Los Angelesw/ Gang Wizard, Goliath Bird Eater + Wildildlife9pm, $5
March 10th @ PAs Lounge, Bostonw/ Infinity Window, Human Hairs + Puritan Agenda9pm, $8
March 11th @ Big Jar Books, Philadelphiaw/ Kurt Vile 8pm, $5 donation
March 12th @ Cake Shop, New Yorkw/ Totally Dad + The Groits8pm, $6
March 13th @ Soho Lounge, Siltbreeze Showcase @ SXSW, Austinw/ Psychedelic Horseshit, Eat Skull, Naked on the Vague, Blues Control, Pink Reason, Times New Viking, Ex-Cocaine, Mike Rep8pm till late, pass needed
March 14th @ 501 Theater, Austinw/ Total Abuse, Abe Vigoda, KIT, New Bloods, Naked On The Vague, Mutating Meltdown, Finally Punk, Strange Boys, Cry Blood Apache, Death Sentence: PANDA!, Ima Gymnist6pm, $5, (Open to public/All ages)
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