Friday, November 02, 2007

Smith Brothers Eucalyptus Warrior.....Sic Alps 'Description Of The Harbor' 12" EP

2007 sure has been a fine year for some stellar releases. I'm glad I ain't some poncey Brit cause blimey, I'd have had to make a top 10 list of just me revisions for what would make up me top 10 list to end the year. Oh bollocks & bugger, bollocks & bugger to it all! Yeah, thank God I ain't that. Undoubtedly the lineup what come out on Siltbreeze this year has produced some heavy hitters (you tell'em Woodbe!-Capt'n Siltbreeze), but one of the highlights for me thus far has been climbin on board the Sic Alps bandwagon. I got hooked w/that 7" on Skulltones, went back & picked up the 12" on Mt. St Mt., took the plunge on their lp for Animal Disguise & through it all continued to admire & be impressed by their charms. A couple've time seein'em live solidified for me that they is one of the best bands currently workin the circuit too. But the story don't end there, oh no. To coincide w/the tour they is presently presentin, a 12" was released on a 'non label' (a whaaaaat?-Capt'n Siltbreeze) called Awesome Vistas & it is a magnificent culmination of all their various 'n angular styles. Remember when I was goin on about how they was remindin me of Strapping Fieldhands? Well, I ain't sayin I told you so, but this 12" is entitled 'Description Of The Harbor' & it's a-side is (ding!) a stunningly solid (yet tripped out) cover/adaptation of a SFH track (by the same name) that leads off what is arguably the most obscured/ignored release in that band's canon ('The Caul' 10" released on The Now Sound label in 1994). Talk about diggin deep! Sic Alps effortlessly let this (already) odd ditty luxuriate over the whole of side 1, pixelatin their excavation w/an assemblage of psychedelic creaks 'n groans that more than make up for the lack of strange string's what's found on the original. When I 1st heard it I didn't know whether to shit or wind my watch! It was so damn good it threw me for a loop. Really. But then on the flip is where they really bust out the nuggets, 9 tracks what connect in a flurry of distorted glitter/glam/glib pop that calls to mind classic leftfielders such as Lollipop Shoppe, T-Rex, Swell Maps, get the picture. The funny thing is, I don't even think Sic Alps was consciously headed that way. They's just that good. Besides, all them bands is gone. It's their sound now. And they ain't squandered it in the least. 'Description Of The Harbor' 1s by far the best Sic Alps release to date & yet the only one what's got no distribution. That's right-you can't get it. Unless you see'em live. Denver, Seattle & Portland; They's headed your way. Time to step up. Maybe they'll also have the newest item to bear their name as well, a 7" on Woodsist called 'Strawberry Guillotine'. You's gotta admit, it's kind've a poofy title, like one of them Jacobites records or somethin. But w/Sic Alps you don't have to worry about neither of them passin out w/their scarves floatin in a glass've Brady Alexander. Scarves is for ladies & Brady Alexanders ain't for watchin, but drinkin. And about the only band out there what could make me drink another one of them would be Sic Alps. You know what? I'd even order'em by the pitcher-GLADLY. Check out to see about them final tour dates, hear some tracks & various whatnot. 'Description Of The Harbor' is a vinyl only edition of 300. My sources tell me Revolver/Midheaven is supposed to get some copies so for those of you what can't make it out to see'em live, try; & see when that stash is rollin in.

Also on the TOUR FRONT-Psychedelic Horseshit & Pink Reason is on the road & headed west. Go to
to catch them dates & times. Tell'em Roland Woodbe said to 'Sod Off'!

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